Wednesday, May 24, 2017

#WellnessWednesday Feature...Rishon "DJ Mz Stylez" Carter

Our #WellnessWednesday feature of the week is the gorgeous Rishon "DJ Mz Stylez" Carter aka @RishonHeals. Rishon is as she puts it originally from "Yah". She was born and raised in the heart of Harlem, New York City and moved to Chicago a few years ago making it her home.

Rishon is a studying Naturopath and owner of Livit Every Day Holistic Health and Wellness which is a holistic health one stop shop on her website ( Rishon attended Everglades University pursuing a B.A in Natural Science/Alternative Medicine.

She states:

"I believe the herbs and veggies are for our healing". 

We definitely agree that all of the wonderful Plant Based food given to us by the creator is our medicine and what makes living the Plant Fueled Fit Life so rewarding.

When we asked Rishon what Plant Based living means to her she stated:

"Plant based living is certainly the move as the other stuff is poisonous to say the very least". 

"I made the switch when I gave birth to my son. 

"I just wanted to make healthier decisions for him than my parents made for me, further more when you know better you're supposed to do better".

She goes on to add:

"Once I started gaining the knowledge about the amazing benefits of a plant based diet there was no turning back". 

"Yet, with increased knowledge comes increased responsibility"

This is indeed true. That's what makes this a lifestyle and not just a diet fad that can be picked up or put down. 

In closing she says:

"I just want to help save my people from the ills"

So do we. This is why we featured wonderful melanated people every week. 

Be sure to follow her on IG and keep up with Live it Everyday at the links below. Also stay tuned for Rishon's podcast starting June 21st on her website.

Rishon "DJ Mz Stylez" Carter
Chicago, IL by way of New York, NY
IG: @RishonHeals
#PlantFueledFitLife APPROVED!!! 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#TastyTuesday Recipe...Three Bean Lentil Chili

Our #TastyTuesday feature for this week is another recipe from our Instagram friend @veganhigh with her Three Bean Lentil Chili

You can see the full details below. 

2 cups of cooked Black beans
2 cups of cooked Kidney beans
2 cups of cooked Pinto beans
2 cups of cooked Lentils
1 Onion 
1 Red Pepper
1 Green Pepper
Chili seasoning
Salt and pepper
1/2 cup of nutritional yeast
Veggie Broth

Soak and cook beans and lentils, if you used can make sure you rinse them
Dice up bell peppers, onion, mushroom, and carrots
Blend tomatoes in a blender make sure you still have chunks
In a large pot put about a cup of veggie broth on medium high heat
Add diced vegetable to pot and cook for a couple minutes with salt and pepper and cumin
Add corn and tomatoes to the pot
Put beans, lentils, and a cup of veggie broth in slow cooker on high
Add the vegetable mixture to the slow cooker
Add chili seasoning and nutritional yeast to the slow cooker stirring everything thoroughly
Let cook for at least 1 hour then reduce heat to warm setting

Top chili with whatever ingredients you like, I used spinach, red onions, and jalapenos and served it over wild rice. Enjoy:)

Give this recipe a try and be sure to give Lauren your thoughts directly by visiting her Instagram page @veganhigh

Also for more delicious recipes from Lauren visit her blog here

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Our 3rd and final #SpotlightSaturday feature for this week is the beautiful Nishari aka @vegan.nishari

Nishari is a US Army Chemist originally from New York, but currently residing in Atlanta. 

When we asked her what the Plant Based lifestyle means to her she stated:

"Veganism is my way of loving life, my own and others".

We love how she got right to the point.

Be sure to follow Nishari at the link below.

Atlanta, Georgia by way of New York
IG: @vegan.nishari
#PlantFueledFitLife Approved